DLK | SEO implements affordable, successful SEO strategies utilizing  SEO driven original content for small businesses specializing in:


  • Farm-to-Market | Agri-Tourism

  • Micro Enterprise | Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs

  • Purveyors of Regional Specialty Food & Drink

As a business owner, you already know how crucial SEO is for your online success. An effective SEO Strategy influences  how Google perceives and ranks your website in search results enabling you to drive more traffic to the pages of your website. It also helps to attract the “right visitors” with the “right intention”, i.e., online shoppers ready to buy your products or services. What we all see once we type anything into the Google search bar and hit enter are called the Search Engine Results Pages, aka SERPs.  Here’s where we want to be, in the top 10 , preferably top 3, or better yet, Number One!

Successful SEO strategies are constantly changing subject to the latest GOOGLE algorithm rollout & protocols, like mobile-first ranking,  as well as landscape altering technological advances such as voice search. It is important to understand how we humans speak when searching online for info on products, places & people. DLK | SEO utilizes relevant,  white hat SEO tactics that work to keep your website up front and found. 

Coming up with a successful SEO strategy for your product/service is time consuming, entering  keywords/phrases, page by page is tedious, wrapping it in original content each time (as in product descriptions) can be monotonous yet requires a modicum of creative writing skills. It's a lot like planting rows & rows of seeds and sitting back waiting for the harvest. The difference is the bulk of SEO work only needs done once. The goal is to leave you with enough examples to give you the option of performing your own on going SEO maintenance, product updates w/trending keywords,  relevant & regular blog posts, etc.


The internet  has forever leveled the playing field enabling micro enterprise to thrive . . . There's never been a better time to put your ideas out there and succeed! DLK | SEO enjoys working behind the scenes to help micro enterprise & kitchen table entrepreneurs establish an online presence & grow. I do get a little (teeny, tiny) bit competitive when it comes to getting your business related long term keywords to rank on the first page in the SERPs . . . It can take 3-6 months to accomplish this . . . so let's get started!



WHAT Exactly will you be doing to my website !?



  • Title Tags

  • Content

  • Page

  • Headings (H1)

  • URL Structure

  • Meta Tags

  • Alt Text for Images

  • Page Load Speed

  • Page Content

  • Internal Links

  • Sitemap

  • Robots file

  • Google Analytics


Local SEO


​Same as On & Off Page SEO

with an added FOCUS on

your service area

or brick & mortar location

in a world of Google Maps, Alexa & localized searches

using long tail keywords:

"Chinese food near me...."

"24 hour plumber poughkeepsie"

"oregon gift baskets"




  • Backlinks

  • Indexed Links

  • Quality & Quantity

  • Link-Worthy Content

  • URL & Domain Authority

  • Domain Age

  • Alexa Ranking

  • Trust & Citation Flow

  • SMM

Basic Ecommerce Website Set-Up $500: Facilitating storefront set up, Domain registration & forwarding, Payment Method, Shipping , etc. *
$500 . . . up to 10 product pages
$750  . . . up to  15 product pages
$1,000 . . . up to 20 product pages

*It will be your ecommerce platform account, domain registration, etc. & you will be paying those monthly fees, e.g. Big Commerce @ $29.95 mo., etc.

Initially, every page of your website will need search engine optimization.  Ecommerce sites require SEO for every category & product page. SEO is separate from web design, albeit woven through every page. Researching keyword phrases, creating initial strategy, communicating with you on the set up of google accounts (analytics), ecommerce software & a list of your competitors can take half a day. Pulling info, images, product pricing, passwords, etc. . . . out of clients who are already busy running a business seems to be the most time consuming aspect of the process.


Once we've got that first page done & have established a workable method of exchanging information, I can easily start knocking out product pages. A few lines of product description or a paragraph of content seeded with appropriate keywords will be created on each of these pages. To achieve & maintain ranking these bits need to be left in place. Please ad your own content after those lines. 

Then there's the on going maintenance which means tweaking a few things here and there for more competitive keywords and targeting keywords your competition isn't . . . For small biz ecommerce sites that shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 hours per week for first 3-6 months before we see results. After that it's literally about watchng & waiting!

We'll want to throw in some fresh, relevant content in the form of blog posts, new items, content related videos, etc. to keep the search engines happy...weekly is best, biweekly will do. Ideally, you'll be able to do this yourself by sprinkling your blog post with keywords from your seo strategy hit list.

All along the way I will send you weekly serp ranking history reports tracking progress & letting you know where you stand against the competition. 

By the sixth month you should have a very good idea if traffic to your website is increasing and how those visits are translating into sales. 


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I work to support Oregon Agriculture by helping small farmers develop farm-to-market & direct sales via ecommerce & agri-tourism websites. 

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